Simplified Handwritten Accounting

For Donors and their Small Partners


Simple is Transparent.
Simple is Accessible.
Simple is Sustainable.

We Know

When funds get to the ground, where they are intended, that’s when they do the most good. Donors, together with community organizations, are changing lives
on the ground everyday.

We Know

Donors need accurate and transparent financial reports from their small partners to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Small partners struggle to meet their donor’s requirements.

And this struggle is amplified because each donor has different reporting requirements, and small partners have multiple donors sequentially or simultaneously.

We Believe

Small Partners deserve a simplified accounting system they can manage, and they deserve sustained support to learn how to use it.

We Know

With a simplified accounting system, and the right training and support, small partners can develop real capacity to manage and account for donor funds accurately and transparently, to the last dollar spent.

We Advocate

For the establishment of a single internationally recognized standard for simplified double-entry accounting for community organizations.

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