The Accountable Partners Academy

After we developed Accounting for Change, we wanted to make it available to as many grass-roots organizations as possible. To do this we needed a cadre of people who didn’t just know the system but who also knew how to teach the system to others.

As we piloted and revised our training of trainers, we witnessed what we already knew to be true: mastering new skills does not happen in a day, a week, or even a month. People need adequate time to practice applying what they learn and have continuous support as they encounter difficulties so that they can overcome them.

That is why we founded The Accountable Partners Academy. This academy is a yearlong, comprehensive Capacity Building Program. This program provides NGO/donor field staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to train their small partners to be accountable to the last dollar  spent.

We Teach Simplicity

We teach Transparency

In The Accountable Partners Academy, participants learn

  • How to use our simplified accounting system (through our training support).
  • The (soft) mentoring skills necessary for participants to effectively transfer their technical simplified
    accounting skills to their small partners (supported through our ongoing E-learning program).
  • How to assess their small partner’s current capacity in accounting (using our simple assessment tool).
  • How to use the completed assessment to design an action plan (using our simple field guide).
  • How to monitor their small partner’s progress (using our simple monitoring template).